Posted by: georginaferry | February 16, 2011

Kofi Annan visit

Angela Palmer with two great Ghanaians: Kofi Annan and the mighty denya

Following the launch of I touched the rainforest on the Museum lawn, on Sunday the Ghost Forest received a visit from two of its most distinguished compatriots: Kofi Annan, the Ghanaian former Director General of the UN, and former Ghanaian President John Kufuor.

During their visit Angela Palmer, the artist who created the Ghost Forest art project, returned an Ashanti stool that had been taken from the palace of Queen Asantuah by a British officer in 1900.

The Ashanti stool returned to Ghana on Sunday

In one of those strokes of serendipity that have made the story of the Ghost Forest project so riveting, Palmer had spotted the stool in a local auction catalogue soon after she returned from her trip to Ghana to collect the tree stumps. With her newly-acquired knowledge of Ghana’s proud history, she immediately understood the stool’s significance, and made sure it was hers.

Returning the stool to its rightful owners is a powerfully symbolic gesture as the Ghost Forest forces us to confront the complex relationship that continues to exist between the resource-hungry industrialised countries and the developing world.

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