Posted by: georginaferry | July 7, 2010

Ghostly presence

It’s not every spectre that needs a 36-wheel articulated low-loader to move it from place to place. Last night a fleet of such trucks arrived at the Museum at 7 pm to begin unloading the ten massive tree stumps that are the centrepiece of the Ghost Forest Art Project, created by Angela Palmer.

Slings are carefully fitted around the stump to lift it from the low-loader

One by one, with utmost care and skill, they were swung into position on custom-cast concrete plinths arranged on the Museum’s front lawn. The operation attracted an appreciative crowd, who stayed to watch as night fell.

The stump swings out over the museum lawn

Under Angela Palmer's critical eye, the stump is manhandled into position on its plinth

Finally as the slings were removed, each stump settled on its plinth as though it had always been there. The exhibition is staying for a full year, so very soon it will seem as though they always have. A breathtaking spectacle, especially at night when the spotlights pick out the grain of these ancient trees, and the desperate grasping of their roots against the sky.

As night falls, another stump swings past the sequoia

With almost all the stumps in place, the exhibition has a powerful presence


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